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Toy Story 3 is now in theaters worldwide and it's a real success.

Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Woody, Aliens, Barbie, Hamm, Ken, Mr. Potato and Mrs. Potato, Slinky Dog, Jam, Bullseye and Jessie are not alone in this new adventure, there are new characters, such as, Mr. Prickleplants, Trexie, Dolly, Buttercap, Peas-in-a-pod, Chunk, Sparks and many more that will make you have fun in Toy Story 3.

Yes, there are a lot of characters, but you are a fan of Buzz Lightyear, and that is recompensed with this stunning wallpaper featuring Buzz on a dark background. It's a good wallpaper featuring your star and leaving you some space to place icons.

Buzz Lightyear Wallpaper for Toy Story 3 is a must have for all Buzz fans.
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